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RUTEX CZ, s. r. o.  is a company which has, for many years already, been specializing on business clothing, especially uniforms.

We will take care of the entire process, from creating the actual design of the school uniform, pattern designing, to finally supplying the products. We guarantee first-class quality of fabrics, stitching, and designs, and especially creativity. Service and communication is just as important, therefore we put emphasis on them throughout the entire time of your co-operation with us. You won’t find any of that if you choose some ordinary products made in China.

The best advertisement and also proof of all this, are the references and ratings from our customers, who can best evaluate our work.

Jan Werich: “It’s an age long truth that clothing makes a person, and one, who does not have it, can expect nothing from others.”

Why a school uniform?

For school:

  • Enhances the reputation of your school – a school, which has its own unique school uniform is recognized even when you just meet a student on their way to school.
  • Ensures school safety – safety is always one of the most important factors and wearing a uniform means you can tell immediately if someone is just a visitor or a student from a different school.
  • A school uniform will reflect the school environment – thanks to our personal approach, each school will have a unique design of a school uniform with its own logo.
  • The uniform will be representative and elegant – a uniform can be both formal and informal. It can be worn on a regular day, just as well as on the day of a final exam or during some school event.
  • Reduction of truancy – thanks to a school uniform, truancy is likely to be reduced. If a student is truanting and someone sees them, they can be well recognized and associated with a particular school.

For parents:

  • Making everyone socially equal – a uniform prevents bullying! Social differences will not be apparent if every student has the same clothes as all the other classmates. First thing one always notices is clothing.
  • Reduction of bullying
  • Saving money – every year parents spend a lot of money on things associated with the school their children go to. With school uniforms we aim to reduce these expenses.

For students:

  • Saves time – thanks to a school uniform, students no longer have to deal with the everyday problem of choosing the right clothes to school.
  • Good training for the future – children at school learn not only how to read, write and count, but should also learn that one day they will have to go to get a job, where it is well possible they must wear a uniform.
  • While at school, students already learn the good practices of wearing the right clothes in different situations.
  • Prevention of bullying – children from a lower social class no longer have to worry that others will laugh at them. In terms of clothing, they will all be equal.

Why choosing us?

  • Our company puts particular emphasis on personal approach to every customer.
  • We have many years of experience with uniform production and a lot of positive references.
  • We try to make the product creative, not just another boring, gray uniform.
  • We prefer colorful combinations and creative designs in order to enliven the overall appearance.
  • All products are made from comfortable, high-quality materials.
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