Comprehensive services in professional clothing

Individual design of the uniform collection, professional clothing in line with the needs of the industry

CAMIA brand is a brand of personal and professional style.

Each individual has their own personality, each high-ranked business has its unique corporate identity - in other words, the company style. An essential part of this is also visual communication, which can be crucial given it is something one sees immediately and something that to can to a large extent affect the overall impression..

The guidelines for visual communication are defined in a so-called design manual. This represents a set of rules concerning how to use the individual parts of communication. If the rules of the design manual are respected, the communication is unified, complete and overall harmonized. Identification and representation on the market is then much easier.

One of the major parts of corporate identity is clothing. It is often underestimated or completely neglected, even though it is in fact one of the most important parts of communication, something the customer sees immediately. A very skilled employee who wears inappropriate clothing might not be perceived as trustworthy or professional and the customer might choose not to arrange a deal with them because despite their knowledge and experience, their appearance did not help to make a good impression.

Our job is to find the optimal solution for corporate clothing based on the design manual, logo and company focus. The result is a balance between highly representative clothes, unique style, high-quality and last but not least, the cost.

Your employee will be a reflection of your company.

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