RUTEX CZ, s.r.o.

Designs and supplies professional uniforms under the brand CAMIA and school uniforms under the brand CAMIA YOUNG.


Our uniforms are distinguished by their originality and high-quality processing. We do not look at uniforms as just cheap work clothes, but rather as clothes which represents not just the person wearing it, but also the company they represent. Each of our orders is unique and processed with maximum effort.

Our portfolio also includes school uniforms. We want to provide children high-quality clothes, often worn all day long. School uniform collections are always developed based on the particular requirements and with the aim to make sure these uniforms represent the school's vision, focus and reflect the school culture for years to come.


Sold under the brand name TERMOVEL we also sell high-quality, functional underwear, manufactured in the Czech and Slovak Republic. The TERMOVEL ThermoLogic uses wide range of materials and cuts for both women´s and men's collections. For children there is a special collection of functional thermo-pleater THERMOVEL with child motives or a one-color design for older children.


As part of our vision and philosophy we also care and try to support children in a slightly different way.. RUTEX CZ, s.r.o. has been supporting the Tereza Maxova Foundation since January 2015, a foundation aiming to help mothers and abandoned and underprivileged children at both national, as well as regional level.


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